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We always love hanging around Robert because he makes us feel good

We always love hanging around Robert because he makes us feel good

Well I love you

Thursday was a good day. We taught a few people. We didn’t plan the night before so looking at my planner link right now isn’t helping me remember what we did. Oh we had interviews with President Lewis on Thursday morning. It was really good. He gave me some comforting advice. Friday was a swell day. We had weekly planning then we went out to lunch at a China buffet. It was good. We saw a few people afterwards. We tracted a little bit, then we had dinner. Member dropped it off to us. We had fried chicken from Raley’s. Then we had an appointment fall through. We went to another really cool appointment. We had talked to an older couple the week before and missed the return appointment and she called and was mad but said we could back.

So we went to the appointment and didn’t listen to the spirit at all. They were asking great questions and we ignored them. We ended the lesson really really well when we finally learned our lesson and we will see them again this Friday. Their names are Tom and Annabella. Saturday was a crazy day. He is really struggling right now with unemployment and meeting with us is shaking up his family but he knows it is right so he is still going to meet with us and he came to church. We had a lot of appointments but a lot of them fell through. Our phone died so even though we were planning on skipping lunch we went and took lunch so we could charge our phone.

Oh yeah and I bought an inhaler sometime in the past. We had to take a trip to the mission office to get our tires rotated and to pick up some supplies. It was fun. Saturday I wrote in my journal and I realized it was my 18 month mark so I committed to write in my journal every day the rest of my mission. I have failed already but I’ll catch it up today. We had dinner with Robert and his wife Sandra and it sure was tasty. He is a ily therapist. So that is fun. I like to talk to him about music, movies and books. Its fun. So that was a good time.

I love talking to him

Sunday we had a meeting with the Stake Presidency. It was fun. I have decided that I want to spend my life in a room with a lot of people high up in a business and just talk about random stuff. Elder Jones is trying to convince me to go to LDS Business College for school so we can hang out when he goes to BYU. We’ll see. So yeah that’s whats going on. We had a good dinner last night. The mom made some amazing cookies that were almost as tasty as the oatmeal ones mom makes. Only when they are cold in the fridge with no chocolate chips and I dip them in milk. Man I will be looking forward to that someday.

Maybe Christmas. So I do like it when people honk at us when they drive by. But if you’re going to do it then do it early. Don’t wait till you are right by the missionaries cuz it scares us. And I get scared easy! So don’t do that. But I like it. So yeah. Things are going good. We have a lot of people we are working with. We found out a lady that came to church the past two weeks is a nonmember and has a daughter she wants to be baptized. We will be teaching her tonight so we are excited. The zone is setting things up for an amazing White Christmas. I won’t be emailing till thanksgiving cuz next Monday we don’t have P-day so don’t be too bummed.