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Funny Landa funny that leads to end up being a consistent comedy of the newest seventies

Funny Landa funny that leads to end up being a consistent comedy of the newest seventies

Amusing including nutty funny with lots of foolish positions.Right here Landa takes on Ambrosio, a convenient kid exactly who this new villagers rely him to make the various functions . He is married in order to Elvira, a highly envious wife : Esperanza Roy, both of them life style wiith their mother : Mari Carmen Prendes. Then your village hall-city plus the Gran : Adrian Ortega, designate him going Madrid to invest in a beneficial bull towards the regional events. Because the Ambrosio comes inside the Madrid in the a luxury 5 famous people resort where in actuality the “The country of spain Miss contest” is remembering. Additionally the pageant was presented by Kiko Ledgard and you may presided of the a highly famous jury formed of the Concha Velasco, Francisco Rabal, Alfonso Paso, Carmen Sevilla and Lina Morgan.

Becoming most of them fun comedies, and also as Landa also authored a subgenre : Landismo, coping continuously that have an one stifled guy obsessed with gender

A bemusing, in love and ridiculous Foreign-language funny that have typical food. I spite out of feel a sex comedy here i don’t have nudism, although not, most other Mariano Ozores movies having Pajares and you may Esteso are lots of naked female . Within this film we obtain to learn a bit on lifetime of small towns, also. Ridiculous and embarrassing spot out of Juan Jose Alonso Millan, Rafael Romero Marchent, Juan Jose Porto, and you will Ozores himself, becoming backed by an excellent fundamental and help throw. Here comes up infamous secondaries since the Antonio Ozores, Tomas Zori, Francisco Camoiras, Luis Morris, Eva Leon, Rafael Vaquero, Angel Menendez, Mari Carmen Prendes, Mary Francis, and you may Gracita Morales in the typical part given that a maid, as well as Florinda Chico since the a great prostitute. Given that Alfredo Landa will bring an excellent sympathetic and you can a great results just like the hard-performing Ambrosio who’s always would like to bed because of their continuing and you will full-time perform. Landa is one of the most prolific Foreign-language actors with more than simply a hundred fims essentially to experience sexually suppressed jobs and usually led because of the Ramon Fernandez, Fernando Merino, Pedro Lazaga, Luis Maria Delgado, and you will Mariano Ozores. This type of Landa comedies tend to be Manolo Los angeles Nuit, Vente a great Alemania Pepe, Un Rolls para Hipolito, Profesor Eroticus, Polvos magicos, Paco el seguro, Celedonio y yo somos asi, El apolitico, Los que tocan el guitar, Solamente ante el Streaking, as well as others. Regarding the eighties he started to tackle dramatic and you can serious opportunities as Los Santos Inocentes, award for the Cannes for Francisco Rabal and Alfredo Landa. He acquired one or two Goya Prizes to tackle Este Bosque animado y Los angeles Marrana. And other crucial films since the Bandera negra, Marcelino Bowl y Vino, Sinatra and Don Quijote Tv series . And particularly video clips led by Jose Luis Garci, his fetish star, such as for example Break I, II , Las verdes praderas, Tiovivo 1950, and you will Story off a kiss.

It’s a gender comedy in which stands out Alfredo Landa who inside the Madrid matches a turn down, Paca Gabaldon otherwise Mary Francis, and you may looking on television federal sending out, to keep yourself informed the fresh new villagers they feel he’s an effective stud playboy , following all the town ladies should make like that have your

The film created by Luis Sanz are middlingly directed from the respected filmmaker Mariano Ozores. They have composed and led throughout the two hundred videos and tv collection, primarily comedies, particularly Operacion Matahari, La descarriada, Los autonomicos, Celedonio y yo somos asi, and especially profitable had been men and women starred by Fernando Esteso and Andres Pajares once the Al El del Oeste, Este currante, Los Energeticos, El erotico enmascarado, El hijo del cura, Los liantes, Yo hice an effective Roque III, Los Bingueros, Los Chulos, Brujas magicas, Lola los lleva al huerto, Agitese con anterioridad de usarla . Plus the guy brought a good Scifi : La hora incognita one to hit a brick wall extremely within boxoffice .