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If it is a peak hour, my signal goes to zero…………

If it is a peak hour, my signal goes to zero…………

In a nutshelll, StraightTalk is a decent phone at a decent price IF you already know all there is to know about the phone you are buying (their customer service and manuals are truly abysmal at best), and you have underutilized towers in your area. Oh, sure, they use Sprint (in case of my Android phone) towers, but they don’t tell you that Sprint only sells the excess capacity on the towers to non- Sprint customers. .while my associate with sprint (10 feet away in cube farm) gets 4 bars. I’ve had TracFone/StraightTalk (same company) phones for 4 years now.. take it from me…buy the cheap phones and plan on throwing them away if you have a problem. I do enjoy the unlimited data plans, at least in areas where I get signals!

This is very wrong, if they say unlimited data then it should be unlimited data period. Not to mention, I pay full price for my phones, I should have all the functionality I pay for from the device. You people realize that it says native applications right in the tos right? that means watch the apps you get from the app store to. because they are not allowed to collect data either. If a phone has web capabilities then that is what the phone was intended for. I like to download files from the net and many times I use my phone to do it. That is why I pay for “unlimited” data.

Oh and my cell company allows tethering WV installment loans and is $ a month btw so it is way better than wal-marts. My company is airfire mobile.

Do any of you know how to read and use punctuation. Look again at the ads. They say Unlimited phone, text and data. Not unlimited phone, unlimted text, unlimited data!

If you look at Straighttalk’s FAQ’s page, under “Services”, you see it states “The $45 Unlimited Service Plan provides you with unlimited Minutes, unlimited messages, and unlimited Mobile Web access during a 30-day period.” What then?

AC . . . that is the entire point. What is being stated is that the advertised plan is ambiguous at best.Read More »If it is a peak hour, my signal goes to zero…………